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Tips for Industrial Bathroom Designs – Whether you’re working in a factory, a garage, or a bathroom, the industrial design ideas are out there for you to explore. You have so many possibilities from wallpaper to tile and even paint color. If you love art, you can make this your space as well.

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Industrial Bathroom Ideas A big part of industrial bathroom design is going minimalist. Many times, this means cutting walls, taking down ceiling lights, doing away with wall mirrors and cabinet lights. The goal to making industrial truly function in almost any setting, but especially this one, are to stretch it all out to every corner of the space. This includes the fixtures and the decor that go along with it. The shower fixtures are a big part of this space. Instead of a giant overhead shower, you can go for a compact shower stall that features a built in mirror.

Mirrors aren’t just for the ladies these days either. You can get them in the industrial style bathroom design vanity. Instead of having an eye catching fixture above, you can put a little mirror on the wall between the toilet and sink. This way, it doesn’t take up too much space, and since we’re talking about an industrial style vanity, this should be easy to fit.

Basic Industrial Bathroom Design

Industrial Bathroom Designs For the industrial bathroom, you don’t have to go all out on the decor. Instead, all you have to focus on is the basic essentials that goes along with it. Metal legs on the sink mean that it can’t be easily tripped over, which means that it’s sanitary. In the shower, you’ll want to have washcloths instead of plastic wraps, which are flammable, and so on.

What else is common in the industrial bathroom? Towels, rugs and mats in the sink area, and maybe a shelf down by the tub or shower where a bottle of soaps or shampoos can be stored. The industrial bathroom vanity will usually feature some sort of decoration, whether it’s a clear glass etched with your company logo, or metal framed artwork. You can also find plenty of different shades of reds and purples for the walls, as well as different types of flooring.

Tips for Making an Industrial Bathroom

There are lots of other industrial bathroom decor ideas than the ones I’ve mentioned here. Just as with any interior design project, there’s a certain amount of imagination that needs to be used. You can use any type of color you wish, and each different shade can add something different to your room. You can have a bright red room, for example, or you can go with a more mellow shade for it. Some people love dark colors, and they can certainly be used, but they’re not really something you’d want to see every day.

Another option for your industrial bathroom is to use a concrete bathtub. With these, you don’t have to worry about having to deal with the drain or with plumbing lines running through the middle of your building. These can be much easier for you to handle, and you won’t have to put in nearly as much work to make this possible.

The last industrial bathroom idea that we’re going to discuss is one that’s a bit out of the ordinary. Many times you’ll find offices that have a very “white collar” look to them. It might be the lack of color in the walls, or it might be the lack of decor around the office furniture and other things, but when you look at an industrial office you can’t help but notice the lack of “personality.” A typical industrial office is a cube of glass and steel, with no personality to it – but it can be easily changed.



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