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How to Transform a Small Mid-Century Modern Bathroom – If you’re a fan of midcentury modern style, your bathroom can easily be transformed into an ultra-luxurious sanctuary.

Adds Attractiveness without Encumbering Space

To create a sleek and minimalistic space, choose neutral shades of paint. This allows the space to breathe and look larger. Pick a tile design with geometric shapes to add interest without overpowering the space. Then, add subtle pops of color with accent tiles and patterned backsplashes.

Hexagon mosaic tiles have been popular for decades, and are still a great choice in bathrooms. They can impart a classic feel and are versatile enough to work in almost any style. They also come in a variety of materials, from natural stone to porcelain tile and glass! Here, Fabrique Blue Grey Hexagon Mosaic Tile adds a soothing tub surround to this contemporary coastal bathroom.

A patterned hexagon tile is a fantastic way to define shower zones and accentuate the shape of your bathtub. It’s also an easy way to add a splash of color and visual interest without having to use more traditional flooring options like tiling the entire floor or covering the wall with an accent tile. They are also a fantastic way to add traction to a bathroom floor. Whether you choose polished Carrara Hexagon mosaics or honed Travertine Hexagon mosaics, the grout between the Hexagon tiles offers traction to help prevent your foot from sliding off the tile.

Creates Stunning Effects and Works Perfectly

Black-and-white floor tile is a classic color combination that works with almost any design style. The contrast between the colors creates a stunning effect and works perfectly in a modern bathroom as well as a traditional one. There are a few ways to make this color palette work in your bathroom, but the most popular is using mosaic floor tiles. These square tiles are great for both floors and walls and have a matte finish that looks gorgeous against a white wall.

Another option is to use large hexagon tiles with a contrasting pattern of black triangles in them. This design is a little more expensive than the options above, but it does give a nice impact on your bathroom. A trend in tile this year is incorporating hexagon patterns in larger bathrooms. It’s a great way to break up the space and create a modern look.

A small mid-century modern bathroom is a great space for trying out new lighting options. It doesn’t have to be boring or drab, and with the right light system, you can still get the illumination that you need for everything from washing your face and brushing your teeth to styling your hair and applying makeup. The best way to do this is with elegant sconces. These decorative pieces won’t overwhelm your overall design scheme, and they’re available in a variety of styles to suit your space.

The Perfect Solution for Those Who Like a Vintage Style Look

You could also try adding LED strip lighting to your vanity mirrors and cabinets. This minimal lighting option is ideal for small bathrooms as it won’t take up too much space and will provide a beautiful ambient light source. Another option is to find antique lighting that can be converted for use in your bathroom. This is a perfect solution for those who love the look of vintage style, but don’t want to spend too much on a full remodel.

The design ideas here focus on redefining the essential elements of a bathroom and creating a space that is functional, comfortable and appealing. These ideas range from incorporating innovative shower and bath combinations, toilet-bidet units with multiple features concealed in simple ergonomic forms to space-saving basins, basins, cabinets and storage that have been reconfigured to occupy less space than traditional counterparts.

Towel racks can be a great addition to any bathroom and can help to save valuable floor space. They also keep towels dry, meaning they’re easy to grab and use as needed. Shelves are another great option, as they can be placed high so they’re easily accessible if you need to reach for something during a shower. They’re a simple way to customise your bathroom and can be made from materials that match your existing decor too. In a small mid-century modern bathroom, shelves are an ideal solution to storing toilet paper, folded towels or any other items that you need to access frequently. Shelves are also an excellent way to display trinkets and antiques that can add character to the space. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.

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