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The Importance of Guest Post

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Our Guest Post Regulation

Following our criteria and standards is a must if you want to be welcomed here. As you are aware, each site and blog has its own set of guidelines and rules for accepting guest posts, and we are no exception. If you want to learn more about our standards, carefully read all of the regulations below.

    1. Originality. We prefer content that is original, fresh, and free of plagiarism. Don’t give us republished content or copy-paste. We’ll notice right away because every submission will be reviewed first.
    2. Lenght. Better to write for us at least 800+ words. However, make sure always suppose the quality first even if we prefer long content/articles.
    3. SEO optimized. You have to create solid content that consists of good keywords. Make it naturally flow along the paragraph you write and regard to use anchor phrases for keywords.
    4. Linking rules. Include at least two internal links from our site, and it would be great if you could improve on our written articles here. We also permitted two valid outbound links to your guest post articles.
    5. Images/videos. If it is necessary and may draw the reader’s attention, you can use at least two images, videos, or graphics in your content. Simply make sure the media is relevant to the post you’re writing. Aside from that, remember to provide a citation in every image you obtain from other sources. This would aid in the prevention of copyright infringement and plagiarism.
    6. Format. Give your statement clearly and without ambiguity. Do not do many repeats on each paragraph by using various vocabulary. We advise that you use short, simple phrases in the paragraph. In addition, use proper headings, subheadings, and bullet/numberings to complement your content.
    7. Editing. We have the right to edit the content for readability throughout the posting process. Furthermore, if you make a commercial comment on the content, it may be removed or modified. In addition, we also have the right to remove any link which can’t add value to your guest post content.

Accepted Categories?

We do accept any categories under finance, fashion, home improvement, and¬†lifestyle topics. As long as you can give us high-quality content that is informative and valuable for the readers, we’ll gladly publish it as a guest post here. So, here are some coverage topics that you need to write about as guest post submissions.

  1. Finance
  2. Forex
  3. Binary
  4. Technology
  5. Science
  6. Health
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Home improvement
  9. Fashion
  10. Beauty
  11. Skin care
  12. Makeup tips
  13. We welcome submissions on any related topics as long as they are useful to our users.

We do not accept terrible articles that are irrelevant to our requirements and coverage categories. This is the way in order to obtain high-quality content for establishing our site. So, if you truly want to join us, make sure to follow all of our conditions. Any further, you may learn more about our content and style by visiting our website.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts

If you decide to submit a guest post here, send us a complete article submission that includes images. We wouldn’t respond to you if you send us a rough draft. Make sure to propose a guest post that you’re written with a topic and body. You have to send your inquiry to our email at [email protected]. Once you have done, we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also the following form below.

    Once again, before you submit please look at our guidelines and double-check them again. Make sure you follow our article’s structure and formatting. Your topic also needs to relate to our site coverage. And keep in mind, we only accept fresh and original articles. If you submit copy-paste or published articles even on your own site, we’ll reject them in the first place.