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An Amazing Victorian Small Bedroom Design – An Amazing Victorian Small Bedroom can be had in any area of the country as you can see from the different styles of the Victorian style. Victorian is a romantic style and it would add that extra bit of romance to your bedroom. If you have a Victorian themed room then your bedding and furniture will be all Victorian in nature, from your bed linen to your curtains, quilt and mattress.

Gorgeous Victorian Style Bed

The beds themselves would be the style of the Victorian era with wood, plain or fancy lines. You could have a headboard with leaves or no leaves and the head and foot boards would look good with cutouts. Your bed linen should be plain or have plain colours on them. They should be made of satin or cotton with plain borders on them and you may wish to match the drapes and lampshades too. To complete the look and feel of this style there are matching fabrics in other rooms of your home for the wardrobe and linen, curtains and bed skirts. The bedroom itself would have a Victorian style wallpaper border with a white and black grid printed on it.

You could use a Victorian bed with an added canopy to the front and this would open up the room from the floor up. You could have separate dressing areas and mirrors and these should be placed at either side of your bed. To complete the look of this Victorian style room there are matching night lamps hanging above your bed that add a sense of romance to the room. This bedding and other accessories can be bought in coordinating and complimentary colours to make your room complete.

Characteristics of Victorian Beds

The other style of Victorian bed you could have is one that has open headboards and is straight lined. This is also fitted with a canopy so you have the added benefit of having light coming through your canopy when you are reading. Your bedding again should be plain and made of satin or cotton with plain borders on them. You should have under bed storage where you can keep your night dress and other belongings.

There are some fantastic pieces of Victorian bedding available to buy and with a little imagination you could create a wonderful room that you will love to go to every night. If you choose, you could add a chandelier to the ceiling in the room to give it a wonderful romantic feeling. If you don’t want to put anything in the room you could still add a beautiful chandelier and add some old-fashioned chairs around the bed for a very comfortable and inviting feeling. You could also add some old fashioned dressing tables and mirrors to give your room that have a larger Victorian style. A chest of drawers, bureau and wardrobe could also be added.

Victorian Antique Bed

Another Victorian style of the bedroom would be to buy an antique bed with a lace upholstered bodice and then finish off the look of the room with a matching bed skirt and some simple tassels. You could then use the lace upholstery to drape over the ends of your bed. You should also consider the Victorian style throw pillows on your chair. Use red and white ribbon to tie the pillows to the side of your chair.

You can also add a Victorian style night stand, chest of drawers and mirror to your bedroom. If you do not have a Victorian style bedroom you could always add some modern bedding items. You could buy some plain yet attractive cotton prints for the bed. You could then buy some beautiful pajamas with a Victorian print. You should also remember to add a night light in your bedroom. These items will complete your bedroom design.

An additional item that is a must in any Victorian style bedroom design is a bookshelf. You should have a good sized bookshelf in your bedroom. This will add to the look and feel of the room. You can then either decorate the bookshelf with some Victorian decor or leave it as is. A lot of people like to add a Victorian style dressing mirror. You could either buy one or make one yourself by using a mirror frame and some wall tiles. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.



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