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The Basics of Men’s Watches –┬áThe earliest watches were analogue, that is, they showed time by means of a second wheel which was rotated by hand. This meant that one had to manually wind the watch when it was time for it to show the time. As time passed, watch makers improved the design of their watches so that they could more accurately tell the time.

Features of Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are the ones we know today. A mechanical watch is basically a portable, self-winding timepiece meant to be worn or carried by an individual. It is designed so that it will maintain a constant internal mechanical movement even though the person wearing it’s activities are changing. There are two major types of mechanical watches in the market today.

The most expensive type of mechanical watch is the quartz watch. Quartz crystals are used to mechanically register the time. They have no battery and are usually coated on the outside with precious stones that increase their luster and allow them to withstand scratches. Some quartz watches have complications like flashing or the hands moving around. Quartz watches are also available with mechanical movements as well as with quartz crystals.

Second, third, and fourth motor components are added to watches nowadays. The main parts are the mainspring and the balance wheel. The mainspring contains metallic energy which is stored when the hand makes contact with the dial. The hand moves the balance wheel, which is powered by another motor, resulting in the movement of the hands or the hour hand. The mainspring is released once the hand stops and the energy stored is released.

Complex Watch Models

Complicated watches have more sophisticated movements. Complicated watches usually contain three or more types of movements. The first one is the movement of the inner cuckoo clock. This is powered by the quartz crystal and is enclosed in a case that has a jeweler’s stone. It is followed by the second movement, which is powered by the mainspring, and the third movement which is powered by the battery.

A few seconds later, another movement called the External Rotary Movements (ORM) is added to watches. This one operates using a screw thread. In addition, many watches have the so-called hack-a-way straps, which allow the wearer to remove the crown and strap from one strap and insert the other. There are also watches that have a self-winding mechanism. These are operated with the help of a spring that feeds the hands mechanically when the strap slips.

The Sophistication of Watches Now

Thirdly, watches nowadays have the inner workings of the watch exposed. The inner workings can be accessed through a small opening that looks like a hole in the face of the case. Watches can either have a manual winding or a mechanical one and have their own specific inner workings. There are several types of watches with the inner workings accessible through a small opening: the so-called “diver’s” watch that allows the diver to stop the hand without moving his wrist, the “self-winding” watches that need the wearer to manually wind it before it will run, and the “pulsatile” watches that have a variety of inner workings.

Lastly, watches nowadays are built with a variety of features. Some of them include the ability to store data that can be obtained by using a tiny computer called a microprocessor. Other features of watches are the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and resist shocks. Moreover, watches can also have varying lengths as well as having different kinds of faces. As you can see, watches today have an incredible amount of variety. But which ones you choose depends on your personal preference.



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