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Rustic Living Room Decorating Ideas – you are looking for an economical and stylish way to add a touch of the wild west to your home, rustic living room decorating could be just what you need. The colors used are warm and inviting, bringing with them a sense of the old west when people gathered around a campfire and made it through the night. Let’s look at some rustic living room decorating ideas that will make your home an interesting focal point.

Creating the Perfect Background with Color Blend

First things first Do you want your walls to be painted in a warm and inviting rustic hue or do you like a bold and bright splash of colors? For a cheery and less cheery effect, try a palette that includes yellows, reds, pinks and blues. This mix of colors makes a perfect backdrop for all your rustic items like decorative lamps, knick knacks and wall hangings.

Do you like geometric shapes? Get a poster board and paint it like a scene from a wild west movie. It could be a cowboy town or a pine grove with lots of horses and cattle. Play around with the colors until you have the scene that you like best.

Try painting the ceiling as well Find a beautiful shade of blue and paint it into the top of the ceiling. This creates a great textured and dramatic effect. You might also like to paint a wild west number five on the wall. It’s a fun way to have the room coordinate with your numbers.

How to Decorate Using Wall Art

Hang some western wall art Buy a beautiful picture frame and hang it on the wall. Try to find something with a large area of color. This is the perfect way to create some visual clutter. The frame can be your favorite western scene or the logo of your favorite sports team. Just make sure that the picture is large enough for it to visually expand.

Western art is a great addition to a library or den. It adds an interesting touch to a space. It will also add a feeling of heritage to your home. You can easily find this kind of wall decor items at art galleries, western stores, flea markets and garage sales.

Western decor should never be used in a formal living room setting. If you need to break up the walls a bit, place some western throws or pillows on the couch and tables. You can even put one on the end table. Just remember that it needs to look formal. Western rooms are usually small and not have many options for wall decoration.

Fun Rustic Living Room Decoration

Rustic living room decorating is fun Make sure that you use your imagination when thinking of new ways to decorate. You don’t have to follow the same look that everyone else is using. You can take pieces from your home and place them in the middle of your living room. Make sure that they tie in with your style and theme.

Don’t forget the floor. Lots of people forget that the floors are a big part of the look. You can choose to get a beautiful wooden floor, or a stone or ceramic tile. It doesn’t matter what look you want, just be sure that it matches your wall colors. If you have a lot of antiques, then get some coffee or tea tables to match.

The lighting is very important. If your living room has a lot of windows, then you will need a good, wide light. However, if you don’t have a lot of windows, then get some more natural light. This can make a difference in how your room looks overall. If you don’t like the glare, then put up blinds or curtains. Just make sure that your lighting is appropriate.

Wood Gives a Warm Look

Another option is to go with an all wood look. It gives a warm look and is very inviting. However, if you are trying to conserve energy, then you will want to go with something like a metal table. You’ll also have to pay more attention to the details, like polish.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use when you are looking for rustic living room decorating ideas. Just remember that you don’t have to follow the examples of those in the movie “The Hitching Hour”. Those ideas are definitely out of style today. Instead, try something along the lines of the early American pioneers. They chose their home designs based on the way they lived, so you can too! Be creative and enjoy your rustic living room decorating!



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