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Monochrome Living Room Decorating – Bring life to dull monochrome living room interiors with fun and funky wall art, which compliments the room’s theme and your style. For those preferring a slightly vintage feel, the classic black and white Bust printed fabric will bring a splash of Rome to your contemporary living space or how about the never-ending perennial Black Triangles pattern; sure to bring some modern chill to any monochrome design. If monochrome is not your preference, for a whimsical twist, try funky wallpaper patterns or stencils with your favourite colour scheme – you can even use these printed pieces as decorative accessories on walls or in the form of pinata-shaped candy. Finally, for those more interested in a funky design, try funky window film with a monochrome window; a quick Google search will yield fascinating results.

Make Wall Paint Look Monochrome

Paint your walls in a monochrome theme, a contemporary classic black and white canvas work well with any monochrome living room theme. Paint your walls with a darker colour first and then with a lighter colour to complete the effect. A monochrome room will seem more spacious and light. Try using contrasting colours too. Some interesting effects can be achieved by using two different shades of the same colour on the same wall; you may also want to try to paint one or two ceiling fixtures to blend the colours.

Make the most of your window’s natural lighting by placing mirrors on both sides. Mirrors can serve a number of purposes in your monochrome living room decoration scheme. Not only will it create a great illusion of space, it will also help you get an elegant and flattering view of yourself. The right mirror will help you reflect the light around yourself in order to make you appear taller and more impressive.

Choosing Monochrome Colors According to the Interior

Choose a monochrome paint to compliment your interior color scheme, many designers choose rich dark colors such as black, navy blue or deep purples. Although these colors can look sophisticated and beautiful in their own unique way, they can also look dated after a few years. So if you are hoping to go for a contemporary minimalist look, then opt for a pale pastel color such as peaches, lilacs or even summer flowers. However, if you want to add some drama to your monochrome living room, then opt for a rich bold color like red or coral.

Use textures to balance your monochrome living room decor, a great way to add some depth to your room is to paint one wall in a rich colour, and the other in a softer colour. This creates a great way of creating some balance in your room; you may want to use an unpainted solid wall to create a focal point, and then a coloured wall to decorate the remainder of the walls in monochrome. Alternatively, you could use a texture as a frame on one wall. For instance, choose a wall texture that is made from a textured fabric then paint it white. The effect will be a stunning one – the texture would frame the white painted wall and create a brilliant contrast.

you can create a wonderful monochrome living room look by using just one monochrome item. For example, a vase filled with fresh flowers in a deep red would make a stunning accent against a white wall. Or you could paint a lovely floral figurine just at the top of your ceiling mounted light then hang the rest of the ceiling fans in shades of pale green against a cream wall to keep the room monochrome. Accessorizing with monochrome items is a great way to add interest and character to a plain or boring space.

Making Monochrome Spaces More Meaningful

it is often the details that really draw people into a space so choose small but meaningful pieces to add to the monochrome living room design. As with the vases and other accessories, don’t overdo it with too many accessories. Remember to choose pieces that are suitable for the space you have created and compliment the colour scheme you have chosen. You don’t have to fill up your space – try to leave some real space in the room to make it feel like a room in an opulent house. Add touches of drama by hanging wall art, a large crystal mirror or a crystal globe – anything that draws attention to the ceiling where the main focal point is supposed to be.

Keep the tone of the room pure and simple. If you have chosen a monochrome color scheme and the space you’ve created is perhaps a nod to modern decor, then go for simple pastel shades such as lime green, cream, eggshell and cream. For more classic monochrome living room decor, choose pure white living walls and furniture in ivory, cream or beige with black trim. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.



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