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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting – Rustic Farmhouse kitchens often feature high ceilings, which are ideal for accent lighting. Old fishing nets can be upcycled into chandeliers, and aged ropework nods to the room’s original roof trusses. Old fishing nets with a jet black finish will add drama to the room. Lighting in a farmhouse kitchen should be a mixture of different sources and be able to be adjusted. It can transform the space from a functional work area to a comfortable entertainment zone.

Country Farmhouse Lighting Types

One type of rustic farmhouse lighting includes a single, multi-bulb pendant. This style is typically paired with a rusted or wood-grain pendant. Whether you have an existing chandelier or are looking to install a new one, this style is both rustic and sophisticated. Some farmhouse light fixtures incorporate chicken-wire shades, which are durable and easy to mold. Another type of farmhouse light fixture has an exposed filament, which casts an interesting shadow on the wall.

Other rustic farmhouse lighting ideas include pendant lights. Some of these are made of galvanized metal, which looks good in the kitchen. The galvanized metal resembles milk jugs and echoes the rustic wood of a farm. This style also incorporates bubbled glass, which makes the light spread in a beautiful manner. The exposed filament also brings a retro vibe. These rustic farmhouse lighting ideas will make your kitchen look charming and welcoming.

The best way to achieve symmetry in your kitchen lighting is to plan your lighting in tandem with the rest of your cabinetry. You can do this with the help of colored cables, or you can even use different shaped Edison bulbs. Pendants are best positioned two to three feet above the worktops, to avoid the light cast directly into the eyeline. Moreover, transparent glass shades can bring the light closer to your work space.

How to Improve the Look of a Country Farmhouse

Another way to enhance the rustic farmhouse look is to use horizontal bar lights in the kitchen. Bar lights are more restrained than pendants, and they align with the counter below. They are more suitable for a country kitchen and can easily match the drawer pulls and handles of your kitchen. They should match the overall theme of the room, which emphasizes a relaxed style.


You can also use farmhouse pendant lights to add a focal point to your kitchen. They come in a range of different shades and can be used in almost any room. These pendant lights will add a touch of character to the space, and will also complement your other decor colors. You can also use candelabra style lighting encased in wooden beads, which will add an interesting texture to the area.

Choosing Lighting to Add a Kitchen Ambiance

Kitchen lighting is an important consideration during the planning stage of your kitchen. The location of your lights and their cables will need to be carefully considered. Choosing in-cabinet lighting is also important because it creates a mood in the kitchen, particularly at night. A pendant of the Sputnik-style is another great way to add ambiance to your kitchen.

You can also use farmhouse pendant lights for a rustic look in your kitchen. They are the perfect kitchen lighting solution for the rustic farmhouse style. They are also a great way to update outdated light fixtures. Many of these farmhouse pendant lights are made of copper or oil, and some of them even have oil rubbed finish.



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