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How to Create an Industrial Style Home – The aesthetic of an industrial-style home is reminiscent of warehouses. Its contemporary box-like shape is offset by smaller boxes attached to the walls. The smallest box is above the garage entrance and is accented by a glass wall. The larger box sits above the entryway, and it is accented by a purple flowering tree and shrubs. The exterior features a concrete walkway and a raised balcony with glass doors and a wooden railing filled with creeping plants.

Consider Recycling Furniture and Tapestry

Industrial-style homes feature clean, simple shapes and muted colors. Objects in an industrial style are often practical and functional. Try to avoid combining geometric shapes with extra lines or patterns. For accents, use plants, casters and wire baskets. Decorative accents and pieces that add functionality can include abstract paintings and floor lamps. Track lights can be used to accent a room’s decor. If you’re decorating with an industrial style, consider upcycling furniture and rugs. Upcycling involves reusing items, including furniture, without breaking them.

Using reclaimed materials and textures is a great way to add character to your space. Reclaimed wood is perfect for industrial spaces because it has a unique texture that pairs well with reclaimed metals. Modern furnishings are usually designed with curved surfaces and interesting lines. Choose straight-edged furniture to emphasize the industrial feel of the home. This style is forgiving when it comes to fabrics and textures. Use knits and velvet to accent the look and feel of your space.

Using industrial materials, bricks, concrete, and metals are staples in an urban-industrial-style home. The colors are earth-toned and complement the elements of the room. If you want to achieve a more customized look, add accents and curved edges. Industrial-style rooms are great places to add personal touches. With a deconstructed look, you can incorporate anything you like into the space. This style is more adaptable than ever before.

Another Way to Add an Industrial Touch

Using accessories like industrial metal lamps and reclaimed wood to decorate the space is another way to add a touch of the industrial look. These are a great way to display the “rugged” style and impress your guests. Whether you choose a large abstract poster to cover an entire exposed brick wall, or salvaged equipment to turn into a decorative item, the industrial look is sure to get your point across. It’s all up to you and how bold you are!

The style of an industrial-style home is a great choice for a loft-style house or for an apartment. This style features exposed wooden rafters and bright red brick, reminiscent of warehouses. This look is also great for homes that have high ceilings and wide open spaces. The bedroom can be adorned with wrought iron beds and other vintage accents. Having a wrought iron bed will help you add a rustic, industrial touch to the bedroom.

When designing an industrial-style home, keep in mind that the use of color is essential. The color palette of this style is monochromatic, with the occasional splash of orange or red. Industrial-style furniture is usually durable and acquired from reclaimed yards. As with other industrial styles, you can mix and match pieces to create the perfect home that represents you and your lifestyle. If you’re not sure how to go about this style, you can always get help from an interior decorator.

Complementing an Industrial Style Home with a Touch of Color

If you’re building an industrial-style home, try to avoid using soft, plush fabrics. Opt for hardworking materials such as metal, stone, copper, wood, and distressed metal elements. Choose colors that are neutral but can be accented with dark, rich tones. This style can also be complemented with vivid paintings and artwork. The best way to complete your industrial-style home is to add touches of color and character to the walls.

When combining different styles, industrial furniture can complement other interior styles. A neutral color palette goes well with the stripped-down style. To add a unique aura, you can include midcentury modern furniture and industrial style lighting. This style is ideal for a home office, where you need to work efficiently. For a more rustic and refined look, you can also include elements of the industrial-style home office that are made from salvaged materials.



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