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Interior Design Ideas For a Small Industrial Apartment – If you’re interested in living in an urban, industrial setting, a small industrial apartment may be the perfect choice. Small industrial apartments are often located in industrial buildings and offer many of the same amenities that you’ll find in a larger apartment complex. Many apartments include kitchens and full bathrooms with running water. In addition, you’ll likely enjoy the centralized HVAC system, which allows you to regulate the temperature in your own private quarters.

An Essential Part of Industrial Design

During the design process, the biggest portion of the client’s budget went toward custom furnishings. This included two massive closets, kitchen, and living room furniture. Choosing a couch and lighting was relatively inexpensive, which made changing out smaller furnishings easier than painting walls. The majority of the furnishings are made of Italian HPL, which makes them highly durable. The client also requested a shaggy rug, an antique wood storage cabinet, and a chair with a British flag design.

Incorporating a unique artistic concept into the design of the apartment’s interior is a great way to make a small industrial space feel large. Color plays a crucial role in creating an atmosphere, so different shades of light can divide a space into different zones. In this Parisian apartment, for example, the bright yellow color of the bath, kitchen, and bedroom differentiate three zones. A minimalistic style allows light-colored furnishings to blend with the space.

CIAO’s design takes a dynamic approach to a small studio apartment. The designer wanted to make sure the apartment was able to adapt to the owner’s lifestyle, with a comfortable, sliding second bed. A plywood platform gives the main bed a sling elevation behind a half-height bookshelf. A large mirror over the fireplace is another great design touch. The interior is also fully equipped with a small working desk.

Make an Industrial Apartment Design Look Stunning

For an industrial apartment to truly look stunning, the furniture has to match the overall theme. Typical industrial style is associated with big open spaces, but even a small apartment can be made to look similar. Instead of using wooden ceiling beams and brick walls, consider using concrete floors and walls. If the apartment isn’t big enough, industrial furniture can be a great solution. You can find cheap pieces of furniture in great shape, and simply give them a fresh coat of paint.

The designer aims for an open floor plan, yet still creates privacy. The bedroom space is located in the central volume, which blends in nicely with the rest of the interior. The kitchen is a minimalist niche, and the white palette works well with the windowless space. A few colorful accents in the interior add a pop of color. If your apartment is not big enough to host a full-fledged studio, industrial design may not be for you.

Another type of industrial design is the mezzanine, a mezzanine space that sits above the kitchen. This makes the space feel much larger than it really is. The mirrored wall makes the space look even bigger. You can also create a mezzanine bedroom above your kitchen area. In this way, you’ll be able to maximize the space while making it feel comfortable. In addition to its industrial character, you’ll also be able to get the most out of the space you have.

Balancing For Apartment Wall Design

Inside this modest apartment, space is limited. A large metal wall separates the entry from the main living area. The living area features the kitchen and dining area. A sleek wooden surface serves as a home workspace. A colorful wall decor and large wall art pieces create an eclectic atmosphere, while original concrete ceilings and whitewashed brick walls interact with a metal partition. This space is unique in its own right. There’s no better way to decorate an industrial apartment than with a contemporary aesthetic.

Another type of apartment is the loft. This style is popular in urban settings and is an excellent option if you have limited space. While loft apartments often feature industrial-style walls, these apartments are often much larger and feature more open space. They can also include a deck or a bed. The best part is that you can even create your own unique design, with minimal space and minimal effort. Whether you want to live in an urban space, or prefer a quieter, more rural setting, a small industrial apartment can be the perfect solution.



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