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How to Create an Asian-Inspired Bedroom –¬†Adding an Asian design to your bedroom is easy to achieve with simple decor and a few key pieces. Bright blue walls and glass doors let in natural light, and a modern style bed, headboard, and floor lamp will give the room a stylish, minimalistic look. A large wooden sculpture or woven mat adorning a wall or a tall wooden sculpture on your nightstand draws the eye. Oriental style wall art and accessories also add a touch of Asian flair to the room.

Gives an Indian Feel to an Asian Bedroom

An Asian bedroom can also have a distinctly Indian feel. Silver tufted cushioned chairs match a white wooden platform bed with a dark brown velvet headboard. The hardwood flooring is covered by a salmon pink area rug, while a three-part artwork hangs over the bed’s headboard. To finish off the look, wall-mounted lamps and a stylish, vintage lamp bring a glamorous vibe to the decor. These two key elements make any Asian-inspired bedroom feel like a luxurious haven.

The large bed in a modern Asian bedroom is surrounded by a white tufted headboard and green-patterned bedside tables. A small bench at the end of the bed completes the intimate feel of this room. A bright orange fabric treatment on the headboard stands out against the warm brown tones of the room. The pattern carries through to the pillows and sofa cushions as well. For added Asian appeal, add an oriental nightstand, and you have an Asian-inspired bedroom.

A central piece of furniture is a must in any Asian-style bedroom. A bed is the focal point of any room, so make sure to invest in luxurious linens to complement the decor. Silk, satin, lace, or brocade bedspreads are perfect options. Asian-style furniture is typically dark and simple, while bamboo and other natural materials complement the Asian look. When choosing Asian-style furniture, it’s important to consider the size of your bedroom and the type of furniture you will be purchasing.

Tips for Setting the Right Lighting

Lighting is very important in an Asian-themed bedroom. Lighting should be plentiful to create an inviting atmosphere. Walls and floors should be light or dark in color. Wooden flooring is also strongly recommended. If possible, include a water feature in the room. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling are also another great addition to the bedroom. A bedroom in this style will be a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. With a minimalist design, nature is at the center of the room, and a calming atmosphere is key for your well-being.

When choosing Asian-style decor, be prepared to invest in some time and money. Expensive pieces like antique works and decorative Buddhas require a lot of maintenance. For those who want to spend some extra money, you can opt for luxurious silk or velvet instead of cotton or polyester sheets and drapes. And while you may be tempted to stick with traditional Asian-style decor, there are many options for a relaxing and calming guest bedroom.

Colors can be important in an Asian-style bedroom. Red and golden are excellent color combinations for a Chinese-style bedroom. The fiery red combined with golden accents can create a dramatic effect. Red and gold furniture and accessories go well with this color scheme. Yellow and green are also excellent color choices. And if you want to add a splash of color, try using a mixture of red and beige. The combination of these two colors is extremely beautiful.

Tricks to Find Asian Bedroom Designs

If you are looking for a bedroom that combines Asian design with modern minimalist decor, consider a Japanese style. These bedrooms often have minimalist design and ample natural sunlight. While these bedrooms can be dark, they are also characterized by soft, cozy bedding and a minimalist, open space. Adding an Asian touch to your bedroom is simple and relaxing. And don’t forget to incorporate natural elements into your decor! You’ll be surprised at the different ways you can incorporate a Japanese-inspired design into your home.

Besides oriental furniture, you can also find antique replicas of Asian bedroom furniture in specialty stores. Many of these pieces are hand carved and may include a lacquered finish. Depending on the style of your bedroom, Asian bedroom furniture can also feature a daybed. Most of these are made of teak or bamboo, while others are inspired by Balinese designs. Whether you’re looking for traditional Asian bedroom furniture or modern reproductions, you’ll find it with an Asian design for a unique look.



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