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Irish Cottage Interior Design –┬áThe iconic thatched roof is probably the first feature to come to mind when imagining an Irish cottage. The thatched roof was usually made of sod, which served as insulation for the inside of the hipped roof. Stone or slate was used for sound roofs in the rocky regions. Materials used for thatching depended on the area; in the linen making area, rushes, marram grass and heather were used. Instead of straws, these materials were sometimes replaced with flax.

Traditional Furniture Models in Irish Cottage

The traditional furnishings in an Irish Cottage were mainly for the purposes of show in the ‘Good Room’. A wooden block table and kitchen dresser are essential items in this style. Three-legged chairs and wrought iron beds are also part of the mythology. You can also incorporate real or fake greenery into your interior design by adding some potted plants. This will add a touch of country charm. While creating an interior design based on the Irish cottage style, keep in mind the elements and styles of modern homes.

Authentic Irish cottages have a thatched roof, which lends a feminine feel to the decor. The roof is made of light coloured stones and is often whitewashed. The windows are covered with a floral print valance. A curtain sheer with Irish lace is another great addition. A stone fireplace will make the house feel warm and cosy, and will also help to add to the overall theme. The resulting design will make your house feel like an Irish country house!

Perfect Canvas for Cottage Decor Style

An Irish cottage also has two exterior doors. A half door is known as a Dutch door. It has two openings on the top and bottom and is used for air circulation. These doors were also used for security purposes as it helped prevent farm animals from roaming the neighborhood. A half door also helped air out a smoky cottage. If you want to find out more about Irish cottage interior design, consider reading this article.

Neutral walls are the perfect canvas for the cottage decor style. They can be true white or a soft neutral color, such as light taupe or oyster shell. While neutral walls are the best choice for cottage interiors, you can choose one or two accent colors to create a cohesive design. Using floral prints throughout the home is also a great way to inject a bit of Irish flair into a room. You can even use tag sale furniture to create a look for your home.

Considerations Using Wood Furniture

Wood furniture should have a weathered finish to give it personality. You can also paint wooden furniture to give it a distressed chalk paint finish. Another option is to add new hardware. Metals, such as brass, can be whitewashed, patinated or slightly rusted. Choose neutral colors for upholstered pieces. For decorative accessories, add accents, such as a shabby-chic mirror.

In 1841, 40% of the Irish population lived in one room cottages. In a census, this means three and a half million people lived in cramped spaces. Most Irish families had six or seven children, and shared living quarters with a pig and dresser filled with chickens. This warm environment helped the hens lay eggs throughout the winter. It is not surprising that so many Irish homes are still based on the same traditional interior design.



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