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How to Make Your Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas Comes Alive – If you are in the process of redecorating your bedroom, consider using a white bedroom theme. It can be used to add some color or design to an existing color scheme. White is a very adaptable color and it’s simple to add just a touch of white to create a warm and inviting room.

How to Create Interesting Bedroom Ideas

Start with a fresh coat of paint and bedroom ideas, and then add color to a handful of key accent pieces throughout the room. A few bright throw pillows, a patterned floor rug or a few contrasting accent pieces can all help break up the white from being too plain. A white bedroom design does not need to mean everything is white. It can mean you use splashes of color around the focal point of the room in a way that is subtle but noticeable enough to show the eyes. Using different hues of white, like a soft pink for a baby girl or a pale blue for a boy, can also create some interesting bedroom ideas.

A small bed in a corner can easily be transformed into a stunning focal piece with just a few changes. The first step is to paint the bed the color you want – either pale green or some other pale, white hue. Then, using a thin rectangular piece of cardboard as a headboard, attach a fabric curtain rod to the headboard. This makes a bold but simple statement.

Another simple way to add drama to a corner in a white bedroom decor is to use one of many different throws or curtains to frame the open doorway. Using a wide piece of lace or ribbon in a contrasting colour to the color of the throw or curtain will really pull the eye through the door. Another great choice of window treatment is to simply add an oversized white bedspread to the window. This simple addition can dramatically change the look of a room, and will make it appear larger and taller. You can also alternate between throw and curtain, or use both together.

Bright Rugs Add a Touch of Warmth to the Bedroom

When you’re looking for bedroom ideas that are bright and cheery, you can’t go wrong with a few bright pops of colour in the form of a rug or throw. Rugs are a classic way to add colour to your room, and you can find them made from all sorts of materials – like cotton, silk, wool or even cotton and jute. A well-chosen rug will provide not only warmth but also a touch of style. If you have an area rug, it’s a great idea to use that for your white bedroom ideas.

You can also add a splash of colour by painting the walls. However, don’t choose too bold a colour scheme. A lot of contemporary painters opt for cool pastel colours to create a very peaceful atmosphere in a room. Warm tones of red and green can be used, but if you’re aiming for a bolder colour scheme, then paint the walls a deep red, or alternatively you could use lemon yellow. These are really fun and funky colours and can really bring out the look of your white bedroom design.

Popular Slightly Dramatic Color Selection

For something with a little more drama, try using white and black as your main colours. This mix of shades are extremely popular, and you’ll often see this combination used in modern art or prints. Look for a palette that has plenty of greens, blues and yellows to keep your space feeling fresh and interesting. If you want something with a hint of a vintage feel, opt for prints with bright silver, gold or golden rays.

As well as painting the walls and choosing interesting accents, you can also add other items to brighten up your space even further. If you’re aiming for a more contemporary look, then opt for bold lamps, or if you’d like to create a more traditional look, then try adding in wooden or metal objects to your room. White rugs are also great space-savers, allowing you to place your white bedroom wallpaper ideas around the room instead of across the top. These days, it’s not uncommon to find wooden or metal objects covering the floor around your bed, so you don’t necessarily need to cover the whole of the wall area to make a statement – think outside the box!



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