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Rustic Shabby Chic Furniture – How to Bring Rustic Interior Design Into Your Home – Shabby chic is one of those terms thrown around like a trendy trend. It means unique or vintage style furniture that is either handcrafted or made by someone who either doesn’t know what he/she is doing or is just plain old talent. What can you do with shabby chic furniture? Just because it’s shabby chic doesn’t mean it has to be underwhelming! In fact, this type of decorating can add a very feminine touch to any room, especially one where you want to create an air of mystery and beauty. Let’s take a look at some tips for decorating your home with shabby chic furniture.

Antiques and wood pieces Furniture

Antiques and reclaimed wood pieces make the best shabby chic furniture. The lightest, most distressed wood finishes are yet another wise way of maintaining a delicate palette while strengthening a real effect (more on that later). distressed, antique, or upcycled furniture. While shabby chic furniture is tied to a certain decade or century, if done right, it should still look modern. Dark distressed woods such as oak, mahogany, cherry, or walnut are very popular choices for this decorating style because they are so beautiful and yet so rugged and earthy at the same time.

If you choose to go with wooden, shabby chic furniture then there are two types of finish you may want to consider using. There are two main types of waxed finish that are being used to coat the wood. There is oil-based wax which is more environmentally friendly, but the main problem with oil-based waxes is that they can fade over time. Also oil based waxes can cause some color changes, so it is important to be sure to ask the decorator that is right for you. There are also water-based water paints, which are less toxic and are far more durable than any other type of paint.

The furniture itself can be made from any number of materials, but the most common materials are linen, chenille, and rayon. Linen is a very delicate fabric that tends to wrinkle easily. This fabric must be properly cleaned and ironed after every wear and tear. Any wrinkles must be carefully buffed out or the shabby chic style will be compromised. Cedar is also a nice choice for this style of furnishings. Cedar furniture will age well and look fantastic.

Choosing Harmonious Shabby Chic Furniture

Once you have your linens and cedar furniture in place, then it is a matter of choosing pieces that fit together in harmony. The shabby chic furniture and linens must flow together in a flowing pattern. By placing mirrors, pillows, and lamps in certain areas, the shabby chic furniture can even further highlight its cohesive nature. One of the most important things to remember is that the pieces need to flow and compliment each other in an artistic manner. Pieces that are placed in different areas or too close to each other will detract from the overall beauty.

Some popular items to place in the bedroom are end tables, chests, mirrors, and nightstands. These pieces can be coordinated with other items of shabby chic furniture found in the room, such as a chest of drawers, a bookcase, or a dressing table. Just like the linen furniture, you must treat all of these pieces with care and never use harsh abrasive materials on them. You may wish to wax some of these pieces for protection, but the style is so beautiful that it will hardly ever need waxing.

Great Shabby Chic Furniture Collection

For a great shabby chic furniture collection that you can really enjoy, you should consider purchasing some gorgeous wood pieces. You can find wood shabby chic furniture in a wide variety of colours and styles. The furniture pieces come in just about every colour of the rainbow and they are sometimes even hand painted with your choice of colours! You can go for a very modern look, pairing the wooden pieces with a glass top French furniture console table, or you can choose something that is more traditional, by going for a wooden chest of drawers painted in a lovely neutral colour.

When choosing paint for your shabby chic furniture, you should always take into consideration the colour of the wood. If you are painting the chest of drawers in a red wood hue, you will need to choose a different wood stain to that of the mahogany or maple shade. This way, the two colours will complement one another and still appear brilliant when you display your beautiful piece of art. Of course, when choosing the paint colour for any of your rustic pieces, you should always remember that the lighter the colour, the more you will have to clean it regularly!



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