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Interior Design Tips for Small White Bathroom Suites – A small white bathroom can add an elegant touch to your bathroom and create a refreshing feeling. When decorating a small white bathroom you need to keep in mind the color palette you have available, the theme you want to create, and your budget. In this article, I present some basic decorating tips that will make your small bathroom come to life with personality. Here are just a few simple tips that will help to make your small bathroom the best it can be.

Tips for Decorating a Small White Bathroom

Your small white bathroom does not have to be boring! Most small white bathroom vanities can come equipped with a marble tile backsplash. This beautiful backsplash can add elegance to your bathroom by setting a tone of calm sophistication. Add a decorative mirror and some hand-picked flowers or plants, and you will have created the perfect tranquil environment for yourself as well as your guests.

The first thing you will need to do is select a color scheme that will complement the overall design and feel of your bathroom. When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind that the lighter colors will create the illusion of a larger space, while darker colors can create the illusion of a smaller bathroom. Keep in mind that your bathroom vanity should be the warmest part of your home, so complementing that color scheme with warm towels and a nice floral or tile pattern on your bathtub will complete the look.

Next, choose a tile or marble tile pattern that will go perfectly with the rest of your bathroom decor. Although you don’t have to follow any particular pattern, it’s always easiest to match the different tiles you find in a bathroom showroom together. To make your small white bathroom look bigger, think about using a mirror that is the same size as your tub. If you really want to create an illusion of a much larger bathroom, use a large mirror that sits on the edge of your tub.

Considering Using Two-Color Tiles

If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider using two contrasting colors in your tiles and walls. These colors can be used in either a complementary way or in a contrasting way. To help make this idea work best in your small space, choose wall tiles that are either the same color or very similar. A subway tile in a light blue or green creates a cool effect, while a tiled wall in a dark chocolate brown works well with a more traditional white vanity. If you really want to go wild, go crazy on your tiles!

Another way to create an interesting effect in a small space is to incorporate a mirror into your bathroom vanity. Glass showers are extremely popular, but they tend to take up a lot of room, especially in small bathrooms. One way around this issue is to purchase a wall-mounted or “glass-less” vanity. Glass-less vanities only require a small space for their installation, as well as small counter space for installing the mirror. You can also save space by installing a corner tub in the vanity.

Perfect Small Bathroom Character

To give your small bathroom some character, consider purchasing a few pieces of interesting artwork. In particular, if you have a few photos or drawings that need to be moved to another area of your home, consider having them framed or attached to the wall of your bathroom. Framing art gives your artwork some extra “breathing room,” giving it a distinctive look. Similarly, attaching artwork to your bathroom wall gives it a more “finished” look. If you’re artistic, you might want to consider painting one of your small white subway tiles into a stencil that you can later use to decorate other areas in your home (such as your family room or bedroom).

Finally, don’t forget to coordinate your bathroom’s hardware. The small white shower vanity should feature elegant brass hardware. If your vanity is all glass, try looking for a piece of hardware with some vintage appeal. A combination of different hardware will make your small bathroom look luxurious and upscale, just like the rest of your home!



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