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Decorating the Pink Dining Room – There is no mistaking a baby pink dining room! This elegant and welcoming dining area just seconds from the family room is set against an upbeat backdrop of soft, rich tones that compliment nearly anything – from black and white cabinets to warm, neutral floors. When the walls, ceiling and floor combine for a perfect color palette, nothing goes better than pink. This tranquil and soothing dining room is close to a corner of happy, playful baby pink walls which are also accented by light-colored accents that set the tone of this fun and informal sitting area. The pink walls add a touch of earthiness that blends well with the rest of the textures and colors in this funky and eclectic dining room.

Important Elements in Pink Dining Room

One element you may notice straight away in this pink dining room is the upholstered dining table. These come in a multitude of shades of pink from cool to warm and everything in between. You will find that the style of chair backs and upholstery on these furniture items is very classic and fun. With so many different options for you to choose from, it’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home with the right chair accessories. Your pink dining room is sure to be off to a great start!

You can dress up your table in many ways, but one of the most popular trends is to place a pink serving tray on top of the table. This simple upgrade lets guests serve themselves without needing a tablecloth and allows you to save some money on table linens. You can easily find these items at any department store or home improvement store. Other pink dining room design ideas include a cute serving cart with a pink motorbike on the front along with a wall of colorful balloons.

If you are not going with the decorating style above, then you can easily find pink dining room furniture that matches your existing decor. For example, if you have light pink walls and furniture with light pink drapes then you can add some beige chairs to the dining room for an updated look. Adding throw pillows with a light pink valance or fascia can make a huge impact in the space.

Adding a Beautiful Accent to the Dining Room

Adding a few accent pieces to your dining room set the tone for your decor. A modern coffee table with a wooden base is a great option, as are lamps or paintings with a bold, pink theme. Pairing bold colors with hardwood floors in a neutral color such as tan, beige or brown will bring out the wood grains in the wood and bring out the richness of the color. A few candles scented in pink or other favorite fragrance can help add that perfect finishing touch.

If you are really daring you can take the entire dining room one color and paint the walls pink. With hardwood floors in a neutral color like tan or beige, this can give your space a real wow factor. Use rugs in floral prints on the floor and add some candles scented in pink to the area rug for a delightful touch.

Using Pink Furniture

For something a little less bold you can go with pink cabinet doors and cabinets. These items would go well in a more traditional space with heavier wood furnishings. For those that enjoy the art of decorating a bit outside of the box, you could try a mirrored chandelier and lamp with pink shades. Use pink cabinet handles and hardware in a contrasting color to dress up your dining room area. A serving tray that has a light pink splash on the finish and a glass top bowl could also work nicely.

For a very feminine touch, you could choose to add a flower arrangement to your dining area rug. Small pink roses in tight little clusters look fantastic when placed around your white wooden chairs. Add some white wooden chairs to the table with pink edges and a serving tray that have a pink splash to make it even more feminine looking. Soft pink walls will complete the overall look.



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