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Mid-Census Decades Modern Basement Ideas – So, what exactly is a mid-century modern basement? Well, by the plainest of definitions, a mid-century modern basement often has left out the dark, dingy, and sometimes even dungeon-like dungeon and instead incorporates design features common to the home, particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. But when you’re actually talking about a full-fledged basement designed using such an aesthetic, the term mid-century modern basement is referring more to the style than to any specific material used. The fact is that many people these days are building themselves a custom basement by choosing fixtures and accents that are decidedly more “minimalist.” Why is this a better option? It’s because it allows you to build a room that doesn’t have the baggage that older styles inevitably come with-and that’s a good thing, really.

Contemporary Interior Design in Gray

There’s also nothing wrong with using different shades of gray for your walls (and therefore for your flooring, doors, cabinets, etc.). This is simply one of those aesthetic choices that’s been popularized by the advent of modern design. There are so many different kinds of gray, after all-and they range from jet black (used mostly in contemporary interior decorating) to smoky browns to rich earth tones. It’s up to you.

If you’re interested in using different shades of gray in your home’s walls and flooring, then you might be wondering how to go about getting them. And while there are certainly many options out there for lightening gray (such as Magna-Gel Light) and infusing various textures (like dark marbling) into heavy-duty wallpaper, you won’t be able to use many of them in your own home without making it look kind of homemade. Unless of course you want to completely disguise the fact that you have an unkempt, shabby basement. (It wouldn’t make any sense, anyway.) That said, there are plenty of different ways in which you can create modern design aesthetics with gray in your house.

Using Traditional Dark Wood for Flooring

Let’s start with the floors. If you don’t want to go with a traditional dark-colored wood, then you can definitely try to go with something lighter, such as linoleum. You can even find lovely, hand-painted linoleum tiles in a number of different colors. This will give your basement a rustic design aesthetic that’s still very much in line with modern home design. In fact, this particular floor design is so popular with homeowners these days that it’s actually made its way into many newly constructed homes.

The second thing that you need to think about is your windows. Many people these days are opting instead for completely finished basements that feature glass facades. These windows can be anything from plain white to colored glass options that really do set a modern aesthetic in your home. It’s also possible to get frosted or textured glass, so that your finished basement will have the feel of a true modern home.

Creating Contemporary Basement Lighting

Another thing that you can do with your newly finished basement is to add some sort of lighting feature. You can use natural lighting to help light your basement at night, or you can choose to install some sort of contemporary lighting fixture. Some examples include: recessed lighting, sconces over each bed, and even wall fixtures with light bulbs built right into them. All of these options will create a warm and inviting glow to your room, and they’re all rather inexpensive these days. Even a few hundred dollars spent on your lights will be money well spent.

Speaking of your basement’s furniture, another important item you should consider is choosing pieces with different shades and finishes. Mid-century modern design focuses on bold, different shades of gray for everything, including your walls, floors, and furniture. While this may seem jarring to some, it actually helps to give the impression that there’s space in your basement. This is because there’s no need to paint your walls one color and then have the other walls match it. The result is a basement that look clean and crisp, and it makes your newly finished basement even more appealing.

One last thing you can do with your newly remodeled basement is add some type of mid-century modern bar area. Many people choose to add a small bar area, usually four to six feet in length, with a counter for stools and a couple of seats around a large table. The bar area may also include a fireplace if you have one available. If you have a large bar area, you can create an inviting, intimate atmosphere in your newly remodeled basement.



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