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5 Color Schemes for a Small Contemporary Kitchen – A small contemporary kitchen is a perfect fit for many living spaces. The clean lines of contemporary design allow you to find innovative storage solutions that help keep your kitchen looking tidy.

Most Popular Color Schemes in Contemporary Kitchens

The sleek design of a modern kitchen helps make it look bigger than it is, and no space is wasted. This means you’ll have space to store everything from your favorite cooking utensils to your recipe books. Black is one of the most popular color schemes in contemporary kitchens because it adds a hint of elegance to the space. It can be used to complement lighter greige or gray colors for a subtle effect.

The right lighting will also help to maintain a balanced look. Ensure that the ceiling is high and that you have plenty of natural light. Using a custom-designed palette of diverse black materials and textures creates stunning lightness in the room while avoiding it from appearing too gloomy and heavy. Black can be used as window trim to avert the appearance of shadows and make the window appear larger.

Gray is one of the most versatile colors in interior design. It goes well with a wide range of neutrals, dark colors and bold colors. Grey can give a sense of security, reliability and modesty while also providing a neutral backdrop for your decor. It can also convey a sense of dullness or emotionlessness depending on how you choose to use it.

A modern Gray Kitchen Makes Any Room Look Elegant and Glamorous

A modern gray kitchen can make any room look elegant and glamorous! It’s a great way to add depth and dimension to any space without overwhelming it. White has long been associated with purity and elegance, and the color can work in any style of home. Whether you want to go minimalist or add pops of personality with accessories, it’s the ideal choice for your kitchen.

It’s also a great option for small spaces, because it visually recedes, making smaller rooms look bigger. The high-gloss fronts of white kitchen cabinets reflect both natural and artificial light, enhancing the effect even more. This modern and minimalist white kitchen is a good example of how a space can be made to feel more spacious by simply choosing the right colors and designs. The glossy cabinets, simple handles, and modern appliances make it an attractive place to spend time in.

Blue is a color that speaks to people on so many different levels. For some, it brings to mind the sea, a midnight sky or a delicate flower; for others, it conjures up feelings of intensity and magic. It also evokes a sense of harmony. The right shade of blue can complement the natural light and help make a space feel warm and inviting, per Lifewire.

A Stylish Color to Add to a Small Contemporary Kitchen

If you are looking for a stylish color to add to your small contemporary kitchen, consider blue. It is a timeless and sophisticated choice that will look good in any home, no matter the style. One of the best ways to make a small contemporary kitchen feel big is by leveraging interesting combinations of cabinetry, countertop surfaces, fixtures, flooring and lighting.

Adding some style to the mix with a hefty dose of color can also elevate your space. You may be surprised by how much light a few strategically placed windows can shed on the room. Likewise, a good old-fashioned coat hanger can be converted into the ultimate modern day sconce with a lick of paint and some elbow grease. This repurposed sconce is a sure-fire way to illuminate your favorite tee without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. Concrete is a time-tested material that’s both modern and practical. It’s also a versatile and affordable option that works well in a variety of design schemes.

Concrete looks incredibly impressive in a contemporary kitchen, especially when it’s paired with other materials and textures. Raw wood, for instance, is a great complement to its natural elegance. A small contemporary kitchen can be tricky to decorate, but it doesn’t have to look plain and boring if you’re careful about the accents you add. For example, a concrete backsplash might be the perfect accent that will beautify your space without adding too much effort.



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