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Victorian Living Room Style – When you’re designing a living room, you need it to be functional as well as stylish. The Victorian living room style is a classic choice.

The Sophistication of a Forgotten Era While Highlighting a Modern Home

This design can fit with a modern aesthetic. The deep jewel tones, mix of prints and mix and match gold frames create a sophistication of a forgotten era while accentuating the modern home. When designing a Victorian living room, you’ll want to incorporate some of the furniture that was popular at the time. This includes wingback chairs, chaise lounges, and ottomans.

Another way to add Victorian flair is by adding a dressing table or desk with drawers and a mirror. These pieces are easy to find, and are sure to bring in some antique character. One of the best ways to add contrast and a sense of grandeur to your Victorian decor is by using gold-tinted items. This can include any ornamentations you use, or furniture that’s finished in gold.

Other ways to achieve this is by displaying art and decor arrays in an eye-catching way, such as a gallery wall. You can also pair Victorian silhouettes with modern prints for an updated look. A Victorian living room is often characterized by high ceilings, intricate architectural details and mosaic tiling. These luxuriant features are highly sought after by homeowners today and can easily be restored to their former glory.

Modern Victorian Aesthetics Can Be Achieved with Bright, Bold Paints

While many of these rooms feature dark earth tones, it is possible to achieve a modern Victorian aesthetic with light and bold paint. Using this color scheme will make the space feel more open and airy without sacrificing a sense of warmth or coziness.

Another way to add a touch of drama is to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Whether you go for a few oversized frames or fill a whole room with ornate decor, this is an excellent way to balance the modern with the traditional and create a look that is unique yet still feels timeless. In addition to large scale artwork, it’s also important to ensure that your space has plenty of negative space. Negative space is an area of a room that is free from furniture and other decorations, allowing the eye to rest and take in the view.

Whether you’re building a home from scratch or renovating your existing one, the floors are an essential part of any design. Choosing a style that suits your Victorian home is key to ensuring the space feels authentic and timeless. In the Victorian era, hardwood flooring was a common choice for living rooms and bedrooms. It added a touch of class to the interior, while allowing for easy upkeep with its durability and longevity.

Helps Add Texture and Interest to a Victorian Home

A patterned carpet can also help add texture and interest to your Victorian-style home. Choose a pattern that reflects the style of your furniture and décor, such as Oriental patterns or scroll designs. You can use contrasting accents to help bring a modern feel to a Victorian room, like a freestanding tub or metal chandeliers. It’s important to balance your decor with a consistent color palette so that the disparate elements don’t feel out of place.

When it comes to designing a Victorian living room, lighting is an important element. It should be flexible enough to create a range of moods, from soft pools of light to focused spotlights, so that you can enjoy the space to its fullest. The most popular types of light fittings for a Victorian living room include chandeliers, wall lights and pendants. These can all be used to create a sense of opulence and elegance without overpowering the design scheme.

Alternatively, modern light fittings can be used to give the space a contemporary twist. The most popular examples are squirrel cage lamps, which create a warm glow, and spun steel pendants, which add an industrial touch to the look. If you’re going for a more regal and luxurious feel in your living room, then it’s time to step away from neutral colors and go for brighter shades of purple and deep green. These colors will instantly elevate the visual impact of the room and make it feel more palatial. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.



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