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Traditional Style Dining Room Ideas –¬†Traditional dining room ideas should evoke a sense of formality but needn’t be stuffy. Opt for a discreetly patterned wallpaper to introduce pattern without overwhelming wood tones.

The Traditional Dining Room is Updable and Comfortable

A traditional dining room can be updated to feel modern with the addition of full length drapes, advises Lee Clarke. A mix of framed and canvas art can add personality to the space as well, as in this dining nook by Natalie Clayman Design in Knoxville, Tennessee. Nothing encompasses traditional dining decor quite like matching furniture sets. Dining tables with a built-in banquette seat are a great way to accommodate more diners, and upholstered chairs in the same fabric as the table add a tailored look. If you want a traditional room idea that’s more cozy than fussy, look for furniture with soft edges and large cushions.

For a more modern dining room idea, opt for a lighter color scheme. A bright off-white paint shade is fail-safe, and natural wood tones complement a wide range of colors. If you want to keep the focus on a rich neutral palette, try pairing it with an eye-catching floral centrepiece or an attention-grabbing low chandelier. Alternatively, you can create a natural style with a woven rug or greenery. If you’re a fan of a patterned floor, consider stencilling a border pattern to unify your room with a traditional style.

The right lighting and accessories are key to creating a traditional dining room idea that feels polished and sophisticated. Choose fixtures with metallic finishes like brass and rubbed bronze to tie in with your furniture and accents, or opt for a lantern-style chandelier that evokes bygone elegance. Opt for a recessed can light in the ceiling if you have limited space to hang a chandelier. Keep your color palette neutral to avoid looking dated and choose wallpaper with discreet patterned patterns for a more bespoke look. As seen in this setup from Thou Swell, a grey wallpaper with a floral pattern makes the perfect backdrop for a candelabra-style chandelier and timeless dining chairs.

Detailed Wallpaper Patterns Can Liven Up a Traditional Dining Room

If you want to bring in a little more color, try hanging a gallery wall of favorite framed artwork or paintings. Or, use braided jute area rugs to add texture and warmth underfoot without overstating your style. Decorative accessories like patterned curtains, elaborate wall art and detailed wallpaper patterns can bring traditional dining rooms to life. Simple block-printed linen tablecloths and napkins, traditional style matching cutlery and pretty centerpieces also work well in this design style.

Dark wood wall paneling, especially in tones of green, brown and burgundy, creates a sophisticated backdrop for a traditional dining room. Accent the rich color with brass hardware and framed dining room artwork that mirrors the panels’ warm hues. Floral and plant decor is common in traditional dining rooms and often works beautifully with any color scheme.

Incorporate fresh herbs and olive and lemon trees for a warm, Mediterranean vibe that will fill the space with zesty aromas during dinnertime. Or, try incorporating biophilic decor with a wash line that hangs from wall-to-wall across your dining room, filled with branches and stems of plants gathered from nature. The resulting visual and aromatic feast is sure to delight your family and guests.

Traditional Dining Room Ideas Featuring Rich Wood Tones

If you want to make a statement with your dining room color scheme, choose a bold hue that’s unexpected for the space. This can instantly personalize the room and create a memorable ambiance for family gatherings. Emerald green has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity, and the shade works well with traditional dining room ideas that feature rich wood tones. Blue tones in general are also a great choice because they feel calming and soothing.

Brown shades can also be a wonderful option for your dining room idea. Magnolia’s Elemental is a warm, earthy brown that could work well in a traditional design. If you want a deeper shade, try Dinner Party by Benjamin Moore. Yellow shades can also add a vibrant pop to the space. This cheery hue is perfect for dining rooms because it can provide energy and positivity to the space. It’s also easy to pair with neutral or non-neutral furniture for a balance of color and style.



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