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Hollywood Glam Dining Room – Achieve the perfect balance of glamour and minimalism with a Hollywood glam dining room. This style combines Art Deco themes with modern trends.

Achieve a Luxurious and Super Modern Style

To achieve this look, opt for smooth lines, tufted furniture and plush fabrics like velvet. Mix and match them with ornate Art Deco furnishings and antiques to create a classic yet glam space. Hollywood glam interior design is all about achieving a luxurious and super-modern style. It involves a blend of different shapes and patterns, and heavy but contemporary furniture.

It also uses rich fabrics like velvet, silk, and fur. These materials can make a room look super luxurious, especially when paired with other luxe elements like gold accents and crystal decor. When it comes to bringing this glamorous look into your home, try incorporating animal print rugs in the living room. These can be zebra, cheetah, or tiger prints, but they don’t have to be overdone!

Aside from these, it is also important to have a good quality chandelier in the room. These can be expensive but they can add a lot of drama and glitz to your home. Hollywood glam interior design is all about glamorous, luxurious decor. Bold colors, luxurious fabrics, and shiny metallic accents bring this posh style to life in your home.

The Color Palette for Glam Decor Includes Bold Jewel Tones

Color palettes for glam decor include bold jewel tones like emerald and royal purple, soft pastels such as pale pink and dove gray, and neutrals of black, charcoal, and white. These shades are paired with light-catching materials such as metallics, mirrors, and crystal. The defining feature of a glam bedroom is the bed frame. This is the focal point of the room and is typically upholstered in rich fabrics, such as velvet or boucle.

Adding metallic elements to the glam bedroom, such as gold nightstands, gold dressers, and classic jewelry armories, adds that “glam” goal to the space. It is also a great way to introduce an element of drama. The dining room of a glam style home is a celebration of glitz and glamour. Shimmering accents, lavish fabrics, and fresh flowers are the perfect combination to create a movie set-like atmosphere.

The Hollywood glam style embraces upscale fabrics, luxurious details, and bold jewel tones for a timeless look that never goes out of style. These elements pair perfectly with golden or brass finishes to create a design that is sure to stand out for years. When decorating a glam style dining room, consider velvet and plush fabrics as well as glossy lacquered finishes. These materials can be combined with sleek metallics and mirrored surfaces for an effortless elegance look that will stand the test of time.

Delivering a Touch of Glamor with a Design Style to Match

If you’re looking to bring a touch of glamour into your home, Hollywood glam may be the design style for you. The style blends bold colors and upscale fabrics with uncluttered designs to create an interior that will never go out of style. Bringing this luxurious look to your bathroom is easy. You can do it with a waterfall countertop, shiny appliances, or even an eye-catching statement wall.

A patterned shower tile or mosaic floor is another way to add an extra dose of glamour to your bathroom. The pattern can be anything from animal prints to geometric patterns or neoclassical motifs, so long as it ties in with the overall theme of the room. Decadent textures can also be used in a Hollywood glam bathroom, including velvet and plush fabrics. Velvet curtains, raised furniture details, and plush duvet covers are all great options to add a little luxury to the space.



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