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How to Create a Nautical Kitchen – If you’re looking for a fresh and light-hearted way to make your kitchen feel closer to the beach, consider a nautical theme.

Creating a Cozy Country Look with a Mix of Styles

A nautical kitchen can be achieved by focusing on lighter and airier decorations, such as wood floors, stripped wood cabinets, and white walls. It’s a quick and affordable look to incorporate into your kitchen, especially if you want a subtle yet potent accent. Beadboard, also known as tongue and groove planks, is a wall covering that can be used to create cozy rustic looks, bold accents or a blend of styles. It is made from narrow wooden planks with raised beading spaced every inch or two.

It is most often made from pine, but it is possible to get beadboard in other types of wood as well. It is a great way to add a decorative touch to your kitchen and it can be easily installed yourself or by a professional. A classic application of beadboard is as a wainscoting. It is typically installed partway up your walls, usually in a dining room or hallway and can be capped with a chair rail.

Today, beadboard comes in large, carefully milled sheets. These are generally 4 feet high by 8 feet wide and come in ready-to-paint materials. They do not expand or contract in humidity, and are as rugged as oak. Blue cabinets are a great way to incorporate the nautical theme into your kitchen. They look especially good when paired with wood plank shelves and tables, seashell decorations, and other natural materials.

The Dark Wood Table Adds warmth to the Color Scheme

They also complement dark wood countertops, which add warmth to the color scheme. A touch of gold or brass hardware adds glamor and helps bring out the color of the cabinetry. You can find a wide range of shades of blue, from powder blue to navy. The shade you pick depends on your personal preferences and the other colors in the room. The color of the kitchen is often one of the biggest decisions in a remodel. The right choice will be an important part of the overall design and increase your home’s value.

Choosing the right color for your cabinets can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Blue is a popular choice and can work for any style, from transitional to country.

A bistro stool is a perfect addition to a nautical kitchen. They add a casual touch to the space and can complement any style of kitchen decor. Traditionally, they have been made of solid wood, but today’s wicker and rattan bar stools can be just as stylish. They’re also much more durable than ever, so you can leave them outside without fear of damage.

A Sleek Look That Complements Modern Kitchens

You can also opt for metal if you’d like a sleek look that complements your modern kitchen. But don’t forget that bar stools experience more wear and tear than any other seating arrangement in your kitchen, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your home. Alternatively, you can choose a classic bar stool with tall white-finished frames. They feature sleek straight front legs, curved back ones, simple stretchers in 2 tiers and a square seat.

Adding nautical wall decor is a quick and easy way to bring the beach theme into your kitchen. You can hang framed photos or paintings of seaside scenes, sand castles and other beach-themed items. You can also find wicker baskets, braided rope and other items that are part of an ocean-themed display. The items can be hung individually or they can be grouped together for a more interesting display.

The color blue is a common choice for the nautical style. It’s a fun accent that can be used strategically to make your kitchen stand out. Decorative drawer pulls can also add marine life to your kitchen and are a fun and unexpected way to decorate your cabinets. They can feature a starfish, fish, anchors, sand dollars, crabs or nautilus shells. They are a perfect addition to your beach-themed kitchen, and you’ll love picking them out!



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